Syllabus Success

Your syllabus is the first impression students will have of your class. Many teachers at Liberty High School use digital tools to create dynamic syllabi for their classroom and publish to their websites. Want some digital tools options to check out?
Online newsletter formats: Tackk and Smore are both very user friendly and allow for text, images, and video.
Design Platforms: Adobe Spark and Canva have great templates and free stock images or upload your own.
Infographics: Piktochart works well as an embedded infographic, but lacks the ability to print without frustration.
Stating the Obvious: Google Docs is always a great choice for creating a syllabus as it is easy to create, update, and print and you can include images and links to video, but watch out to ensure your syllabus doesn't read like a novel.
Digital Citizenship Alert:
Looking for digital citizenship statements to include on your syllabus? To make it easier for you to select and use #DigiCit statements, we have created a Google Doc: Copy and Paste Digital Citizenship Statements

What should you include on a syllabus? Check out some Liberty High School examples for ideas:
  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer, Gifted ELA - used TACKK 
  • Christine Hernandez, German - used Adobe Spark 
  • Sarah Adams, Child Growth and Development - used Piktochart - used Docs to print 
  • Eniola Ajayi, Geometry - used Smore 
  • Erin Ramsey, Algebra I - used TACKK 
  • Charity Stephens, Spanish - used Smore 
  • Josh Griffis, American History and Psychology - used TACKK 
  • Eddie Owen, Band - used TACKK 
  • Heather Moder, ELA - used TACKK
  • Doug Winkler, Honors American History - created an FAQ page in Blackboard instead of a traditional syllabus
  • Paul Turner, AP World History - created a wideo to share expectations 
  • Christa Peck, ELL - used Adobe Spark 
Would you like to share your syllabus example? Please comment below with a link, or email it and we will add to this post. Want some help crafting your syllabus? Call Ext 5672 or email me: 


  1. These are fantastic syllabus examples. Thanks to all of you that shared. Adobe Spark is another great platform for creating digital flyers. I used it for the first time last week, and I love it!


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