Coffee Talk

One of the things we wanted to do this year in professional learning is to identify topics our educators are passionate about and give them time to sit face-to-face and discuss.

If you haven't attended one of these lively opportunities, we would to personally invite you to join one of our Fall 2017 Coffee Talks that will be listed in our LHS Professional Learning Menu.

Why join one our LHS Coffee Talks?
  • Build relationships with other teachers across LHS that might not be in your department
  • Collaborate and share ideas on topics you are passionate about or want to learn more
  • Engage with different perspectives as no one is an expert 
  • Enjoy a cup of free coffee from The Nest
If you have attended a Coffee Talk, please share the reasons why you enjoy attending these events in the comment area below. Let's connect staff and get a conversation started!


  1. It's always nice to connect with one another and hear ideas or thoughts that have been simmering. Plus, there's free coffee!

  2. I enjoyed the coffee talk as it was a way to connect with others that we do not always have a chance to interact with, but it was a way to share our experiences from the outing that varied due to visiting different locations within the building and then comparing those experiences. It was also a way to share these experiences not only with those that went, but also with some who were interested in learning more, but had not been able to go.


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