Feedback Before Grades

Description: We all know when students see their final grade, they often refuse to learn from the accompanying feedback. Join this session to discuss strategies for giving feedback in a variety of ways that is used as part of the learning process.

As a group, we discussed ways to engage in the feedback process. Debbie Martin shared how she has students self-assess using the rubric and then attaches that rubric to the final product. Martin then assesses students on the same rubric and hands back the feedback. Students have the opportunity to edit their work, but when they submit, the original rubric with student and teacher assessment has to accompany the work to help the teacher know where to focus on the edits.

Doug Winkler shared a great reflection prompt... as we move to a more digital environment, how can we share feedback with students before the score to help them dig into the learning process? Share your thoughts below in the comment area.