15 Second Vocabulary

Thank you Chris Anderson and Lori Riedel for sharing how 15 Second Videos can make a big impact
on vocabulary!

If you were unable to attend, the resources are below. If you have students creating 15 second videos, please share on the comments below!

Let's help students make learning visible by giving them a voice in the learning process!


  1. I love the ability to be creative with these options. Really makes me think of the impact factor with ELL and SPED for the visual options to reiterate abstract ideas. In our Principal meeting this week they shared the Tableau techniques (frozen picture). The focus was using arts integration to enhance learning and the process was coupled with the behaviors of:
    Think - Cross arms one you have an idea
    Share - Open arms when ready to share
    Plan - How to attack the learning
    Create - The performance

    You then marry the artistic renderings with the physical "theater emphasized" actions to activate more of the senses thus further reinforcing learning.

  2. I'm thinking about how any video recorded under 30 seconds can be directly uploaded to Twitter (or a hashtag) without the use of a 3rd party such as YouTube. Uploading it directly to Twitter would be one easy way for students to share and get feedback on their words.

    I also see many people starting to use blogging with students. If you blog with students, I think the key would be to use good tagging protocols so that students can access the videos quickly and easily.


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