Street Cred

This morning, 28 passionate educators joined together to discuss building relationships with their students.

Street Cred (5.3b)
Date: Tuesday, August 16
Time: 8:00-8:20
Location: LMC 301
Facilitator: Tracey Kracht
Indicators: Relationships 5.3b
District Goal: N/A

Description: Get to know your students by building a collaborative culture in your classroom. Join us to discuss strategies for making all students feel welcome and increase their capacity to share out and connect with others in the classroom. Have a strategy that works? Please bring and share!

At the conclusion of the conversation, teachers weighed in on their commitment for the next week and next month. Check out "My 1 Thing Commitment" themes:

One Week Commitments
  • Learn the names of all my students
  • Get to know students in new ways
  • Plan 2-3 times of extra ice breakers
  • Greet kids at the door
  • Concentric circle ice breakers
  • Converse with every kid
  • Commit to having fun!

One Month Commitments
  • Know something new about each student in my class
  • Showing/modeling/asking questions
  • Try 2X10 with returning (and/or challenging) students
  • Chat with students about stuff other than school
  • Popsicle sticks
  • More get to know you ideas to continue in the school year
  • This month will include movement
  • Use Padlet for student questions
  • Have Fun!