Round Robin Take Two

On Monday, August 15, LHS staff gathered to honor Lori Riedel and Chris Anderson, LPS Visionaries, as they received a $500 grant from the Retired Teachers Association. Congratulations ladies, a job well done for students!

At the conclusion of the celebration, 110 teachers split up and enjoyed 15 minute learning stations provided by multiple LHS educators. Take a look at our day of learning:

Room 600 - Goodness and Logistics - Herrman, Wickham, Wiederholt
Room 601 - Deeper Learning - Kracht
Room 602 - Instructional Strategies Teams - Adams
Room 603 - Special Populations - 504 - Coffman
Room 515 - Special Populations - ELL - Myrick
Room 514 - Special Populations - SPED - Simpson, Fowler, Mees

Be sure to share out your learning on #lhsjayway