Foldables with Julie Miller

Do you want to create opportunities for students to create robust, interactive notes?  Do you want students to think critically about what they are going to write down in their notes? Art teacher Julie Miller shared great ideas for integrating foldable notes in the classroom.  Foldable notes make note-taking a hands-on experience. Students can also use the foldable notes as a powerful study tool. Foldable notes can be constructed to foster higher-order thinking, questioning, inference, supporting claims with text evidence, and more.

Here are some tips shared by our teachers at today's session:
  • Nothing is trash! Extra handouts, papers, envelopes, folders can be used to create foldables.
  • Keep a model of the foldable in the room that absent students can use. 
  • Kids respond well to color paper. 
  • This is not the scissor-cutting Olympics!  Lines don't have to be perfect. 
  • Be careful with the glue!
    • Dot, dot, not a lot!
    • You ooze, you lose!
    • A little dab will do ya!
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